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Luna the SilkWing
• 6/5/2018

I decided not to create any more articles in this community

You know, it was just a short period of time being in this community. Even though no one knew of my presence when I just joined, I decided to create articles for the Feed Your Pet Wiki despite that. Even though it was my first time making articles I had fun doing so. Making articles and using photoshop for images, I never thought I would be doing all this for just an article for the feed your pet wikia page. Anxiously I waited for someone to comment on the articles I've created whether it was someone asking for help or just someone promoting their discord. All I've ever wanted was to see someone make use of the articles I've created and used it to their experience. I never even got that experience because someone edited my articles to some blog page and I can't undo the damages. Sure I can just make the articles again, though, I can't undo the damage of the emotional pain I felt when this person edited my articles and made it into a blog post. I can't even reverse what that person did, no matter how much I tried.This was my first time ever making an article and my attempt to be a part of this community. All my efforts in this community were defaced by some troll. So, I don't think I will be able to create any more articles for this community. Though I will be part of this community, I will no longer be able to create articles for this community. My dreams are crushed. My dreams of someone being able to make use of what I have's all defaced.
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Luna the SilkWing
• 8/18/2018
This isn't the right Wiki, as far as I know.
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