Fun Fact: Aliens were the first Pets in-game to have all abilities, however, their 'Climb' ability was removed on 15/6/2018 causing them to only have 4 abilities, and not (all) 5.


The Alien appears purple, squid-like, with a single eyeball being the only facial feature on its body.

Food Source / Growth Time

The Alien's food source is Star gems, which can be found in Meteors, or on Fairy Island.

Tier and Abilities

Aliens are Tier 4 pets with four of the abilities in-game, including Smash, Fly, Temperate, and Dive.


Aliens used to have a 1/100 chance to spawn near any Meteor location when it spawns, but it is now unobtainable. anyone that got an alien when it became unobtainable still has it however.