Location :Desert (pyramid)

  • Can ONLY be found in egg form, after finishing the Anubis Quest.
  • The Quest is found in the Pyramid, and to be activatived, click the Anubis Structure in the middle room.


  • You can use Sapphire miner blueprints to make the quest fast or have a friend help you out
  • Underneath the Desert Temple, you will find a obstacle course filled with sapphire veins. Riding a pet with Fly is also recommended.
  • In the desert itself, there are many veins of sapphire. Using Sapphire Miners and mining sapphire veins in the desert can hasten the progress.
    Temple Of Anubis

    The Temple itself, near the Desert Shop.

    Stairway Down To The Veins

    The Stairway(s) in the temple that leads down towards the Sapphire Vein Obby.


  • Anubis willl obtain a Sapphire Necklace during its growth stage.
  • Anubis is named and referenced off of the Egyptian God, Anubis, God Of Death, or Set.