The Crab has a red body, with 2 red claws. The Crab has a shell that is pink and light pink. It also has 2 long black oval eyes.

Food Source / Growth Time

The Crab's food source is Coconuts, which can be found in the Jungle and Island. Coconuts can be purchased for 25 coins in both the Jungle and the Island Shops, as well as that seeds that cost 50 coins. Coconuts take approximately 6 minutes to fully grow.

Tier and Abilities

The Crab is a Tier 1 pet with the following abilities: Smash and Dive.


The Crab can be obtained from trading, buying an egg for 50 tickets at the Island Shop, obtaining the egg from the Crab Leader which requires 30 sapphire, you may also catch it with a net.

Cage quest

The crab can be found in egg form by heading to the sapphire cave, which can be accessed with any level 3 pet.

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Sapphire mines from the outside

Once inside, you will be met with pillars of rock infront of a waterfall.

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The Sapphire mines from the inside

You must collect 30 Sapphire, and parkour up the pillars to meet the Crab Leader, who will give you the crab egg in exchange for the 30 Sapphire.

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