A small crustacean with a pink-ish shell. Like all animals, they can grow to a large size. To the right is an enlarged image for detail.

Crabs eat Coconuts.


The crab only has one ability, which is to smash large rocks around the map.

How to Obtain

Location: The Island or Seagull Island, which can be reached on foot from the Jungle (Pandas, etc.) or the Plains (Giraffes), or using an Island Teleport

It is on the lower level of the island, on the sandy floor where you will see a cave towards the middle of it. Click the red button to enter and likewise on the inside, click the blue button to exit.

Requirements: Lv.3 fly Animal of any type, 30 Sapphire (can be found in the same cave as the egg)

Obtaining: Once you have entered the cave, you will notice the rapids will send you back to the entrance, so be careful not to fall. Collect 30 Sapphire from the cave and talk to the Crab protecting the crab egg in a cage at the top of the rocks. If the above is done, the cage should be lifted, revealing the egg for you to grab.