Dinosaur Jungle is one of the Many Areas in the game!


The Dinosaur Area is one of 5 Areas, covered in trees with a touch of dinosaur skeletons, sprinkle of water lilies and home to 2 plants, 2 quests, and 4 animals exclusive to the Dinosaur Areas.


Main Quests

  • Raptor Architect
  • Baby Bronto

Cage Quests

Obtainable Animals

  • Raptor can be Obtained by Catching it or Buying it for 1,500 Tickets.
  • Stegosaurus can be Obtained by Catching it, Buying it for 250 Tickets, or by Climbing to a vine, and smash a rock, to a area that has 4 Rubies, and a Stegosaurus Egg. Natural Resources
  • Brontosaurus can be Obtained by Catching it, or Buying it for 250 Tickets.
  • Skeleton Raptor can only be Obtained by Catching it(usually falls down to waterfall behind bone island), or Buying it for 5,000 Tickets.

Natural Resources 

  • Bones
  • Cool Fruit
  • Peaches
  • Flies
  • Emeralds
  • Rubies