Dragons are red with striped light red bellies. They have a tail that has a small fire on its tip, however, upon leveling up, the fire will be larger. Its face has round eyes, a snout, and ears. Once the Dragon is level 5, Its wings will spread.

Food Source / Growth Time

The Dragon's food source is Charcoal, which is located on the black floating island in the Desert, or in the Volcano. Charcoal can be purchased in the Volcano for 2,500 coins, and the seeds can be purchased for 5,000 coins. The Charcoal takes 2 hours to fully grow.

Tier 3 and Abilties

The Dragon is a Tier 3 Pet, with the abilities of Smash, Fly, Temperate, and Produce Ruby.

Location / Obtaining

The Dragon is in the Volcano, which can be entered with the Volcano Key. You can Obtain the Dragon by Trading, Catching it, or doing the Cage Quest for it. You do the cage quest by Getting 600 Rubies and talking to the Black Dragon. After that, he should give you the Dragon Egg.