Wild Gerbil in the charts room


Gerbils are orange animals with white underbellies. It has a beard of white fur resembling a patch of fur on it's face. Upon leveling up, nothing will change except it's size. It has round eyes, a nose, ears, and a "beard".

Food source / Growth time

The Gerbil's food source is bananas, which is located in the jungle (upon the toucan tree, or in the gorilla habitat). Banana seeds can be purchased in the gorilla habitat for 1,000 coins, as well as bananas which can be purchased for 500 coins. Bananas take 35 minutes to fully grow.

Tier and Abilities

Gerbils are tier 2 animals with the abilities Smash and Dig

Location / Obtaining

Gerbils can be found in the charts room which is located in the desert where they can be caught with any net. They can also be obtained through means of trading.


The Gerbil is the first animal in the game to have the ability Dig.

The Gerbil had already slightly been introduced to the game with Fancy Gerbil who can be located at any of the various shop in the game.