The Gorilla has an all black body, with grey feet and a grey face. It has 2 square eyes, and 2 teeth.

Food Source / Growth Time

The Gorilla's food source is Bananas, which can be found in two locations in the Jungle; on top of the tallest tree and inside the Gorilla Den. Bananas can be purchased for 500 coins in the Gorilla Den, and the seeds cost 1,000 coins. Bananas take approximately 28 minutes to fully grow.

Tier and Abilities

The Gorilla is a Tier 2 pet with the following abilities: Smash and Climb.


The Gorilla can be obtained from trading, buying an egg for 1,000 tickets, throwing nets at it to capture it, and completing the quest for Gorilla King which requires 250 Bananas

Cage Quest

Enter the Gorilla area in the Jungle biome, which you can enter by having a level 5 pet with Smash or by having a level 6 pet with Climb (Although, this is currently bugged since pets of all levels with the Climb ability can enter)(*patched*). You can also go to the top of the toucan tree in the jungle to fly there.

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Once inside, you will be met with a daily quest giver to your left and the Gorilla King ahead of you, banana trees scattered around.

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The Gorilla King gives you a free Gorilla egg when you give him 250 bananas