The Lion has a yellow body with brown paws, a brown mane, yellow ears, square eyes, and the lion will grow teeth as it levels up.

Food Source / Growth Time

The Lion's food source is Head Fruit, which is located in the Lion Den in the Plains. Head Fruit can be purchased for 500 coins at the Plains Shop, as well as the seeds that cost 1,000 coins. Head Fruit takes 30 minutes to fully grow.

Tier and Abilties

The Lion is a Tier 2 pet with the following abilities: Smash.


The Lion can be caught with nets, by doing the obstacle course in the Lion Den, by trading, or by purchasing an egg for 250 tickets.

Factory Quest

The factory quest is an obstacle course near the back of the lion den, accessible through the vault door. The factory contains 7 ruby nodes, with an additional 3 rubies and sapphires in the den itself; this makes it a good mid-game place to farm gems for quests.

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