The Skeleton Raptor is the Skeleton Version of the Raptor. It has no skin, only bones, and eyes.

Food Source / Growth Time

The Skeleton Raptor's food source is Bones, which is found in the Dinosaur Jungle. Bones can be bought for 150 tickets, 25,000 coins, and the seeds cost 150 tickets. Bones take approximately 8 hours to grow.

Tier and Abilities

Skeleton Raptor is a Tier 4 pet with the following abilities: Smash, Climb, Temperate, and Produce Bone. It is the only animal in the game with this ability.


ts current location is in the Dinosaur Jungle, the Skeleton Island. However, the Skeleton Raptors often fall off the Skeleton Island, meaning you would mostly find it down at the bottom of the waterfall. Its egg is also purchasable at the Dinosaur Jungle for 5,000 Tickets.