The Stegosaurus has a brown body, with dark brown feet. It also has red spikes all along its back and a snout with a flesh color.

Food Source / Growth Time

The Stegosaurus's food source is Peaches, which can be found on the Fairy Island and Dinosaur Biome. Peaches can be purchased for 500 coins in the Dinosaur Biome Shop, and the seeds for 3,000 coins. Peaches take 10 minutes to fully grow.

Tier and Abilities

The Stegosaurus is a Tier 2 pet with the following abilities: Smash, and Climb.


The Stegosaurus can be obtained by purchasing it with 250 tickets in the Dinosaur Biome Shop, grabbing the egg from the middle of the circular rock wall, trading, and using nets to capture one.